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Villas in Mugello

See our rental selection of Exclusive Villas for your vacations in Tuscany

Villa Panzano

Villa Panzanofrom € 2.800,00 per week

Mugello - Barberino del Mugello - 18 km from Florence

Pax: 8 - Bedrooms: 4

Villa Panzano is found in the heart of the Mugello Valley, just 20 minutes from Florence, among the rolling Tuscan hills and tall cypress trees. The beautifully restored Villa dates from the 16th century when it was built on the ruins of a 14th-century castle. The restoration preserved the Villa‚Ä...

Villa Londa

Villa Londafrom € 950,00 per week

Mugello - Londa - 40 km from Florence

Pax: 9 - Bedrooms: 4

Villa Londa is a beautiful Tuscan villa for rent northeast of Florence, in an isolated spot in central Tuscany. It was built in the 18th century, 520 m above sea level in a panoramic position on a hill that looks over the Sieve river, 5 km from the village of Londa. The property is all fenced...

La Noce di Francesca

La Noce di Francescafrom € 2.000,00 per week

Mugello - Londa - 35 km from Florence

Pax: 14 - Bedrooms: 5

Villa Noce di Francesca is located between the gentle hills which stand at the north-est of Florence, in the middle of 3 wonderful tuscan valleys, the Val di Sieve with its groves and vineyards of the Chianti Rufina, the Mugello with its Bilancino Lake, and the Casentino, rich of ancient towers and ...

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